COVID–19 UPDATE 13 October 2020

For any Accommodation enquiries please call the Hotel direct on 01887 830367.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe
Mags and Robbie   


The Fortingall Hotel sits in the historic village of Fortingall at the entrance to mystical Glen Lyon and just a short distance from beautiful Loch Tay – gems at the heart of Highland Perthshire.

Like generations of guests before, you too can visit the famous Fortingall yew tree, walk along the many paths in the area or just sit in the hotel garden and absorb the sounds and array of colours from the surrounding fields and forests.

Please take a moment to browse our website and feel free to engage with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fortingall.



Romantic gold in autumn. Tingling cold and crisp in winter. Bursting with new life and energy in spring. Simply stunning in summer.


Which season will you choose to discover timeless Fortingall? Whenever you choose – Discover Fortingall at your own pace and enjoy a place where time stands still.

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