Mags Cairns: Skye born and bred, ever present hostess and owner who runs the place. Tha Gàidhlig aig Mags.


Robbie Cairns: also tall! Very friendly, from the Scottish Borders, owner, fire-maker and font of local knowledge.


Hamish Cairns: one day all this will be his! Farming is his thing, but at the age of 4, the world is his oyster.


David Dunn: Head Chef - Scottish Master Chef, recognised at both national and international levels. Gold Winner – Salon Culinaire Ecosse & Conseil Culinaire Francaise de Grande Bretagne Cup. Rated ‘Most Outstanding Craftsman’ by the Restaurateurs Association of Great Britain. Having worked in London and overseas throughout much of his career, David has returned home to Perthshire. David occasionally takes centre stage, with guitar in hand, on our live music nights. Yes – his food really is the tops and he’s been at Fortingall for three years. Natalie, his wife, works at Bells Distillery in Pitlochry.

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